Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dissection on TV

Well, I thought that I had seen everything on TV, until I tuned in to SBS last night at 10.30 and saw the dissection of a human body on the screen.
This guy from Germany, who does plastination of bodies, (very controversial but amazing stuff) was doing the dissection.
Does that guy look creepy or what?
He wears this crazy hat and looks like he just stepped out of a horror movie and there he was with a naked body in front of him on a slab.
As his assistant and he started to carve into this body, I asked my husband, "Do you think that body is real? It can't be real......surely".
Then my jaw dropped as I realised that he was in fact dissecting a real body - a man who had just died and given himself for scientific research.
So we proceeded.....cutting into the flesh, removing the rib cage and cutting out the lungs to get to the heart.
I could not believe...but I was totally fascinated.
I looked at this shell that was left when the doctor had remove all the "inside bits".
It was bizarre to see...I had never witnessed anything like that before.
But guess what! It's only the beginning of a whole series..Next week we get to see a woman dissected and we will see the story of digestion from the tongue to the anus...Can't wait...

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