Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ode to a Family Friend.

Today I finally said goodbye to an old old trusted family Volvo (yes...Volvo)It had been with us for over ten years, had over 260,000 kms on the clock and had seen my children grow up.
It had taken me daily on the many errands and journeys that I needed to attend to and was the taxi for both my elderly parents who could just barely get in and out of it.
It made me confident to be on the road as it had never seen a major, or minor accident - if you don't count the time that I reversed out of our garage and the automatic door closed on it as it was half way out (oops).
I was quite attached to that car, maybe that's why it took months to sell.
It was the most expensive car I had ever owned.We actually paid $21,000 for it over 10 years ago, second hand.
Considering that the car I owned before that one had cost me about $500 I thought that I was in heaven - this one had air conditioning!WOW!!!
So it finally went to a new home today - Goodbye old girl. I hope that they treat you with kindness. I will miss you!


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