Wednesday, July 19, 2006

House Cleansing experience

Well, I had an amazing day today.
A lady phoned myself and my work buddy, Elizabeth ( another blogger ) to do a house and personal cleanse, as she felt that she was, well, being invaded on all fronts by some very unfavorable entities that were making her ill and had taken up residence in her home.
So we went to work.
You could feel the heavy energy when we first walked into the house and the poor lady was doubled over in pain and anguish from what she was feeling in there.We first smudged the whole house with sage and used a very, very old ritual to remove the bad energy from every room.
Then we went onto clearing her and releasing any energy that had hold of her.
It was very intense and the shift was amazing to feel.
It was interesting to see the reaction her three pet dogs that followed us around the house and watched the door for five minutes when there was no one there( or was there ).Then they joined the circle of their own accord and stayed there for the entire ritual.
Invoking such strong entities to fight the bad ones is an overwhelming experience and very powerful to be a part of. I had to remember my humblesness in this whole process.
I am not scared of this process and will happily do it again if called upon.
Just another average day....
So what did you do today?


Severina said...

I am loving the words you write here, you are so honest and caring.
Glad to have found you, SEV

Elizabeth said...

yes, it was an experience alright !
I still get goosy thinking about it ! You will be interested to read my interpretation of it on my blog- when i stop shaking that is !!
Romy - ghost bUster supreme!!

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