Wednesday, August 01, 2007

24 hours to go!

Tomorrow is D - Day!
Hubby has worked hard all week to lift, pull, push and drag everything that he could think of before the operation as he wont be able to do any of that for some time afterwards.
Baby girl woke up this morning bleary eyed and hot - definately viral.
So she is at home, in bed and as far away from the man as possible - the last thing he needs is getting sick right now!
Last night I attended a ritual at the Cottage which turned out to be such a special night.
Not too many turned up but those girls that did experienced a great evening.We talked, shared experiences and knowledge. We experienced the essence of Brigit and her energy and watched the full moon peak in through the trees outside the window.
It was a serene space.
P.S.Deb looked fantastic with her new hair cut.
You have just got to check her out - Wow! What a super cool chick!You certainly have style!


Lisa said...

debs a hot babe and you are one great riutaliser

Tesah said...

You didn't mention your Divine visitation!!

Anchell said...

Good luck today! Will be thinking of you and the man..xx

Rider-Waite said...

Good luck to the Man Of The House....

All will be well Renata, thinking of you both. xoxoxo

rainbowspirit said...

Am thinking of you and the man, hope everything went well

Cyndy said...

Thinking of you all. You are indeed Lucky! Things will go just fine xo