Thursday, August 23, 2007

A lotto win!

Well, so our lovely Mary Raihn, she of the painful nether regions,has had a lotto win.....I pass on my congratulations to the family...any bonus money ( that does not have to be had via blood,sweat and tears is truely a beautiful thing )....maybe she should change HER name to Lucky?

The funny thing about being somewhere where you havent been before is that.....
There is something very freeing about knowing that you will not bump into anyone that you could create a totally different persona if you wanted to and know one would be the wiser, no wonder some people just disappear...but it is also very lonely - its like dropping onto another planet...everything looks familiar but strange at the same time.

I miss my baby girl and the man especially since they had the hide to go to the new Krispy Creme shop at Charlestown Square and buy a dozen donuts without me!!!!!!

But some really good news came through today..the man had another psa ( blood test)
just before I left for Sydney and his results came back today.
All is clear - his levels are undetectable so we can breathe easy again.
As you can imagine it's always a bit of an uneasy time waiting fo the results to come back, and for some reason I was really quite anxious this time..but it looks like the man is in the clear ( and it will stay that way - or else!)

So have a happy one - and Mary Raihn, dont spend all that money in one shop!


Lisa said...

it all sounds whore-ful- everything is ok here but i am missing you...friggin books and calenders- someone should blow books and calenders up..........good news for the man xx he rocks xxxx

Anchell said...

woo hoo for good news!

We miss you too....I will especially miss you next Friday night when I am dying of acute embarrassitis!

Cyndy said...

that's wonderful news... Lucky indeed!