Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Supermarkets and mothers who 'forget'.

How I hate going to the supermarket on rainy days.

People drive like morons trying to find the closest car park to the entry, no matter how difficult that may be making it for everybody else in the same car park.

Then they proceed into supermarket and turn into zombie like creatures at the front door, that shuffle around in a confused and brainless way changing direction only when they bounce off the side walls.

They stop without any warning and run you over with full to the brim shopping trolleys full of shit food that you would not feed to pigs without saying sorry.

(Does anyone buy fruit and vege any more?)

Mother with memory loss decides SHE wants to do shopping and gives list to distressed daughter who cannot understand anything written on it.

Mother takes back list and starts to decipher coded message for next 15 minutes while blocking major isle in supermarket.

First item deciphered - it is at other side of store.

Second item deciphered - it is at other end of store.

Third item, she cannot even decipher (oh well, she didn't need that any way)

And so it goes....why mother bothers with a list is beyond daughter as she has bought the same items every week for the last year.

Mother wanders off and gets lost in isle 14 as daughter is searching for deciphered item no:15 in isle 2.

Mother found in isle 14 still wondering what it was that she was looking for....

Daughter wishes that she had not forgotten to take her Mersyndol this morning as she feels a headache comming on.

Groceries paid for and we head for our obligatory morning tea and hash brown at McDonalds which mother has had every week for over two years but asks 'what are these yummy things?' evey time she gets them.

Daughter then carefully manouvers mother through zombie inhabitants of supermarket complex and beats a swift retreat to car which has had to be parked so far from entry door that a packed lunch and map is requred to get there.

Daughter takes mother home, unpacks and puts away groceries while listening to a list of requests that mother is already planning for daughter's next visit.

Daughter goes home and has a bex and lie down.


Anchell said...


Isnt that dinosaur stuff??

I remember my nan taking Bex....

I remember eating some out of her cupboard to see what they were like...

I was an addict at an early age...

oh dear

~*Rylah*~ said...

not the bex!!!

Kathleen said...

What about taking some Vincent's as well ... kak!

Anonymous said...

Oh this brings back the memories...I am sure lots of people went to an early grave because of bex powers ( and Vincent's)....Lucky

Jewell said...

what is Bex for those not born in OZ!!!

Anonymous said...

Bex was poison in power form available to the general public under the guise of pain killers ...before the time of asprin, disprin, panadol.
It used to kill the kidneys as people used to down it willy nilly a few times a day straight......very addictive.Lucky

Cyndy said...

My mother and grandmother used to take a bex or vincents every morning upon rising. It was just so serendipitous that they passed the drawer containing them on the way to the toilet..... At least the vincents was a pretty pink powder.

You are a good daughter, Lucky xoxox