Sunday, September 30, 2007

Decidedly Ugly

Where was I when they were giving out the beauty genes?
Must have been hiding behind a rock reading a book.
Feel decidedly unattractive own morality is catching up.
Birthday is just around the corner and its an ugly one.
When did I get so old?
I remember being 26, wasn't that just yesterday?
I swear it was.

The t.v. is filled with beautiful pretty shiny things whose skin glows and teeth are perfect.
They even had a program on Oprah a few days ago about gorgeous women over 50 in a new Dove commercial.
I feel decidedly ugly and tired today.
I just do.

Maybe I am getting a bug?


Anchell said...

Did you mean mortality????

Me too....pooooo

But you know, when you look at you, you dont see the same lovely lady that I do when I look at you. We all seem to see the faults rather than the good bits dont we.

Lets go have some 'lifts'....after we win lotto of course...

Cyndy said...

Friggen hormones.
Friggen wrinkles.
Friggen saggy bits.
Friggen birthdays.
Friggen getting old.
Friggen facing mortality.

Friggen alternative is unthinkable.

With love from another REAL beauty xoxoxo

Lisa said...

personally, i think you are a stunning aspect of our goddess, and the pimple is just the cherry on the cake !