Monday, October 01, 2007

Psychic stuff

Tonight I had my psychic development class at the Cottage - wow!
I had seven "students". We had such a great time. Lots of exercises to test our skills, some great interaction amongst the group. I really enjoy seeing everyone give it a go and confidence is growing little by little in everyone. Even those that thought that they could never do it, had no abilities, now see that they can do it - it's a great opportunity to practise.We gave Helen some Reiki - all eight of us at once.She certainly felt a huge rush of energy!!!!!

Still feel decidedly ugly - especially with one massive period pimple on my chin.

Am leaving for Melbourne on Wednesday morning at sparrow fart - can't wait for the good coffees and the 'ethnic food' extravaganza.
As you all know by now, a getaway isn't a getaway unless I get to enjoy the food!
So am planning to hit the Queen Victoria Markets, Lygon street and our favourite Greek cake name but a few.

Oh yes.....I guess we have to see the man's specialist, one of the main reasons that we are going, and I have to go to some stupid Calendar Club training ( yawn ). We may even go to the Casino.


Cyndy said...

Enjoy the good times, Lucky!

Jewell said...

and i'm still feeling was amazing to have so much energy flowing into me at one time....

enjoy your trip to Mel...try not to eat tooooo much!!!