Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A big week!

Today I learnt a new therapeutic tool called "Emotional Freedom Technique".
It was certainly interesting but I am yet to feel familiar with it....once I get my head around it all and understand the process fully, I will be able to facilitate the process at the Cottage.
It's always exciting to learn something new, and tonight the Cottage had a lady called Maree who was offering another course on holistic healing.
It also sounded do I do it all?

I had another one of my dreams last night....all my dreams are crazy, and besides dreaming that I was giving Brad Pitt Reiki, I had another "download" of information that I received in a constant stream of words coming into my right ear.
What is all that about?

I also want to thank everyone for the love and thoughts coming my way as I go out into the "big, carzy world" and do my calendar ho-ing stint.
It is much appreciated to know that you all care enough to support me.
Love you all!

See you for coffee on Friday morning at 10am at Eurobar.
Be there or be hexagonal!


Rider-Waite said...

My Mum does EFT. It is good stuff! That is what got me on the Plane to Vic last month.

Anonymous said...


Rider-Waite said...

Yes, it is a fabbo tool. Most good for phobia's and irrational fears among some things.

Good Luck with it!!!

Also look into TFT - Thought Field Therapy. Another similar and helpful thing.

lonely cottage dweller said...

must find out what the hell eft is....

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow Elf! Hope you have a great day and get spoiled rotten... you deserve it! :)
Luv Jac xXx