Thursday, October 04, 2007

Send me some money please!

Ok, Ok, we have officially spent too much money.
I purchased a new pendulum at the other Spellbox shop - the little one upstairs.
Wow, what a great shop.I could own one for sure.

We went to a very old little coffee shop called "Pellegrini's" - it is a Melbournian institution and has been around for 55 years.It is said to have the best coffee in town. I must say, it was very good.

We went to see the man's specialist today - Professor Costello.

We also went to Crown Casino and enjoyed hobnobbing with the rich and anal in the Atrium Bar, famous for very expensive drinks that can be purchased by the glass.
I had a cocktail called a Rasberry Kiss - and it was bloody beautiful.
Then I realised I was sitting there in my white elf wiggle skivvy while those around me were lets say, much more well dressed......

Thank God I was wearing a scarf...

Tomorrow, I go to my seminar in the afternoon and baby girl comes back from her stay with her friend in Geelong.
How come time goes so fast when you are enjoying yourself?

It will be back to reality very soon for this little black duck...
but for now..I am relishing every minute of happiness.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

great visual too- you at the casino in white wiggle hoe elf mode, what a scream.
come back now