Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Welcome to suuny Melbourne

Am fading fast...have been up since sparrow fart (4am) and cannot possibly walk another step.
We arrived safely, and litle miss has gone off to Geelong for two nights with her friend, so the man and I are on our own.
Yippee...but guess what!
We are rooted!!!!

We have walked all day - the man's knee has given out and I am falling alseep standing up.
We had a great brekkie on Swanston street this morning and a meagre lunch.
We decided to buy fresh sourdough bread, smelly cheese and beautiful fresh ham from this amazing foodhall at David Jones.
So we did.
This is our tea tonight.
But guess what?
We have no cutlery....
So we searched for a suitable cutting knife that was cheap, and gave up.
So the man swiped a plastic knife and fork set from a takeaway and we will do our best.
We have purchased some yummy cakes from our favourite Greek cake shop to compensate.
I cant possibly have another coffee today...
Have caffeine overload.
Have visited the Spellbox today and taken the free tourist bus around Melbourne City centre and gone for a long walk at the Botanic Gardens.
We have done well.
Oh oh....the sourdough is calling......"eat me, eat me!"


Bee said...

mm sourdough...

Kathleen said...

mmmmmmmmmm Melbourne ...

Jewell said...

mmm coffee