Monday, October 29, 2007

Mr.Sunshine is back!

Last year I had terrible trouble with a village idiot that decided to pick on me at Charlestown Square - I called him Mr.Sunshine cause he has the habit of yelling, "Good Morning" to everyone whether they like it or not - sounds harmless?
He's not - he has threatened me twice.
The last time he did that he was escorted out of the Centre by Security and banned for a month.
Well, he's at it again.
This morning he entertained me with a tirade of sniggers and remarks and glares from 8am to 9am, while there was no one else around ( of course )and it really, really undid me.
Unfortuantely I cannot do anything about him because he is in a public area where there are no restrictions.
He must come to me and threaten me or cause a nuisance that causes me harm before I can do anything about it.

This is coming soon - I can feel it.
He was quiet for the first two weeks, but now he is getting louder and louder.He is getting closer and closer.
I so hate it that it gives me an immediate headache.

Bugger me!


Anchell said...


don't like him

hex him off!

well, ward then


can darlin' come and scare him???

Rider-Waite said...

Scary!! Does he have mental issues or is he just a pain in the bum? I would be freaking out! Does he do it to everyone around or just you?

get Anchell to come and get him. She will sort him out

Cyndy said...


let's manifest him GONE to Coles at Swansea!!!

or maybe Westfield at Tuggerah....

Anonymous said...

Darlin can come and I will get you out there to Miss Bestest Staff - atch out Mr.Sunshine, you are toast!Yes, Rider - waite he is a mental case alright!Lucky box lady

Kristy-Lee said...

Yack! Ruby will come out too. She is scary looking.

OK, well... maybe that wont work.

Jewell said...

we will all come and stand there waiting for him...then jump...kick..bite and hit....hmm well maybe in spirit....

no really let me know if i can help in anyway..more than happy to let Dragon power to kick some sunshine ass!!!

dusty said...

What a little creep. He just trying to pysc you out.
I say go crazy. do a crazy laugh at him and run at him with cross or a loaf of bread with garlic all over it or fly spray. No seriously carry some sort of spray.