Wednesday, October 17, 2007

At the Box

All is fine at the box.
Am still adjusting - varicous veins are still screaming and bladder is adjusting to not being able to empty when it wants to...

Oh well....There has been heavy use of first aid kit ( thanks Raihn )and I have been talking to my "worry dolls" which were a gift from Sandy.

Mr. Sunshine is behaving himself at the momnet and keeping out of my face.
I have managed to already read two books since I started ( is that a measure of how busy I am? ) and have already caught up with so many people that I only seem to meet once a year when I am at the "Box".
Last night at the Cottage was fascinating with Lani - she will be back in November, but I fear that it raised more than it explained and I will need severe counselling to get through my "family issues" ( I did have it somehatunder control, but Lani yet again pointed out just how screwed I am - thanks Lani ).

See you all at the box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mardi on her own at hoes cottage said...

lets all visit renatas box !

Anchell said...

We are all screwed....

Rider-Waite said...

What the hell is "the box". Ahole little feral knobs annoying you. Get your own water pistol and squirt them with stink bomb water. That should make them smell nice.

Horrible things kids, dreading mine growing up.