Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Yes Gayle....I have the Planet Uranus on my chin!

So terribly unattractive to have it blatantly pointed out that I have the biggest zit in the history of the world on my face at the moment.
Thanks Gayle!
Just when I am going to Melbourne and was hoping to look, at least, decent.
The Gods have intervened and decided that a big, fat, ugly breakout is in order.

Has anyone got a paper bag I can put over my head?


Anchell said...

Tahni has a matching zit on her forhead if that helps!

rainbowspirit said...

gayle has the tact of a bulldozer i have noticed.... god love her

and airlie has one on her cheek... so dont worry, you are not alone.

sorry i wasnt there last night, sick husband - adds up to at least 2 more children in the house. sick men are pathetic.

Jewell said...

use toothpaste on it tonight...it will be gone in the morning...trust me i'm a witch!! no really it works everytime

Anonymous said...

I will give it a go for sure!

Rider-Waite said...

At least you haven't had an allergic reaction to something and have a huge rash all over your chin and under your nose. I look like Sharon off Kath and Kim with Pash rash. Although, I don't get as much rumpy pumpy as her.