Friday, September 21, 2007

My Wedding Anniversary

17 years today!
Yes, that's how long me and the man have been married.
We have been "an item" for about 20 years!!!

Isn't that a long time?

Had a great day at YAAD group - lots of talk, laughter and giggles.
Plenty of vegetarian goodies for lunch - thanks all.

The trifle looked great ( I just couldn't fit any more in )and I also heard that the vege curry was outstanding.
What a lovely way to spend a Saturday - with friends!


Lisa said...

what ?????????????
why didnt you say anything?????????
happy fanniversary

Cyndy said...

Congratulations to you both, Renata! 17 years is an achievement, indeed!

Anchell said...

Wow....congrats guys...xx

Jewell said...

may oyu both contiune to grow in love

Tesah said...

Congratulations. BTW Little Witch asked if I would be willing to take her to Sydney on Saturday if I was able. I was absolutely willing (so don't throw a tanty!), unfortunately timing is not good, so please tell her I won't be going/taking.

Kristy-Lee said...

Happy many years to you both.