Monday, September 24, 2007

Facebook? Oh NO...NO...NO!!!!

No ..... I am not doing Facebook.
Sorry guys.

Just cannot go there...

These bloody blogs are enough for me.

Am going to par down witchybitz again when I get time.

Lisa has changes her blog too!

Am reading "The Secret of the Secret" at the moment.
Boy, that is a book that will shake you and your sensibilities to the core!
If you are not open to reconsider your beliefs about positive thinking etc....then stay away from it.

I have found it very eye opening and it has given me a lot to consider.
I am very happy that it fell into my hands - I needed to get my head straight.
Its easy to live in a fantasy - this book lands you straight back down to earth.

It is must for any one who has considered the information carried in the "Secret" DVD or book.

But you must be ready.


Lisa said...

yes, dont go to facebook- firggin confusing and fast and addicitve.......what are you doing to witchy bitz?

Cyndy said...

I am wasting way too much time on this computer lately...bye

Anonymous said...

Don't know yet Lisa, I know I am not doing enough to update, so something has got to give.
Maybe different format?
Also I am continually changing views and opinions and this is forcing me to reivaluate my sites and thier worth and purpose.
What is it that I am really trying to say.

Lisa said...

yes....i am with you on that- permanence is an illusion- i dont even know what to call myself these days or the cottage- I just refer to it as Lisa and renatas place
growth is dfast isnt it ?

Hippy Witch said...

I will have to get my hands on that book, I have the DVD.

Kathleen said...

Yes, I picked up "The Secret Behind the Secret" ... and found it fascinating - I would like to read it after you please : )

I received a newsletter from Carolyn Myss talking about a similar thing as well!