Friday, November 13, 2009

One wedding down and one to go!

I should be having a snooze but I have had so much coffee that I dont think its possible!
After a very late night having spent three hours roaming around Morpeth being followed by various spirit entities and having my brains sizzled with new experiences I braved the morning waking at 4 am to get ready for our friends sunrise wedding.
I was not a pretty sight!
Last night's Morpeth Ghost Tour was fantasic - I thoroughly recomment it to anyone wanting a spooky experience -the energies abound everywhere and the validation received by tour director Troy was priceless!
He is a wealth of information and well worth the small investment for a totally great evening out.
Ut, after all of this I was still hyped up from so much activity the night before to get to sleep before 1.30 and then to wake and try and make myself look decent - not an easy job.
Now is rest time and then on the road to Nelson Bay to another wedding at 5 pm.
Tomorrow I sleep.....

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