Saturday, November 21, 2009

Are we hot enough yet?

I think so! Heaven help us all if this is a sign of what summer is going to be like!
I dont do heat very well...
Both of my doggies are inside in the air conditioning and with plenty of water.
I worry about all those that are sweltering away locked in a shed or on a leash in the back yard.
The man is relaxing today - it was his 'operation anniversary' yesterday. It has been three years since his successful prostate operation.
I have to travel to Lemon Tree passage shortly in this heat to pick up mu paintings from the exhibition. The Getz is a cool little car, good on fuel, but also like a mini sauna in the heat. The front window seems to direct and catch all the heat.
Maybe they should just place 100 Getz's side by side and they could act like a big solar panel?????Idea????Mmmm???
I am also working on a new painting, slightly different in style than my normal..I am liking it and will share with you all soon!

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