Saturday, November 14, 2009

2 weddings and a ghost tour - sounds like a movie?

Boy, all that partying has worn out this little black duck!
Our other wedding yesterday was very special - I am somehow drawn to the very private garden events. People get to have a say in their vows, in the way it is presented - it seems so much more personal and authentic.
After the ceremony in the couple's back yard we went to Nelson Bay Golf Club for the grand reception.
Such a beautiful place and driving through the back roads of Anna Bay made me wish I could own one of the little old houses that stud that road, the 'old' bay houses with an acre or two around them and plenty of bush and privacy in between.
I remembered the time when over 30 years ago you could buy a block of land at the bay for peanuts and many people said "Why would you want to live out there?"

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