Tuesday, March 06, 2007

World Wide Alert ! Expando stomach ready to Burst!

Oh Lordy! I know I will be back to eating normally tomorrow - I promise.
At the moment I have to lean to one side when I sit, as it is the most comfortable position I can achieve.
Am back home.
Back to reality.
Had trouble connecting to internet at the "Hole in the Wall" Motel, so could not post.
We had breakfast yesterday at one of the famous Italian eateries on Lygon street which was great. Much good quality cappucino followed by gelatos.
We also went to St. Kilda and took in the International Motor Show where I spied the newest Volvo ( which was soooo nice! ).
We went to see Professor Givemeallyourmoney (otherwise known as Professor Costello - the man's surgeon) and took him some very nice red wine and his nurses and staff got chocolates and cards as gifts of appreciation for all of their care and concern during the man's stay in hospital and treatment.
The Professor was genuinely thrilled with his gift, saying that it was really a touching thing to do.
His staff were also extremely thankful and it was, to us, a highlight of the whole trip - to be able to show our gratefulness.
We all exchanged big emotional hugs and kisses.
I thought, how many times do you get to kiss and hug a man who is known the world over for his expertise in a specific surgical practice and who has just saved your partner's life?
As much as I like the man, I told the Professor that I hoped that I would never have to see him again, but I was very, very glad that our paths had crossed in this life time.
An angelic intervention for sure!
The man is well, clean bill of health given!!!!
Yippee....that deserves another piece of cake!
Or two.....We DID stock up before we left.


rainbowspirit said...

so did it burst???

Anchell said...

hrumph....bring me some cake

Lisa said...

great news about the voice......wow...what a ride youve had over the last few months- certainly you are deserving of cake !!