Friday, March 16, 2007

Just one of those days!

It's been one of those days, one of those weeks, when you feel strung out, tired and all over the place.
You know the feeling!!

I have had sadness - due to the loss of a fine friend and colleague of my husbands who passed from cancer.
I have had health "issues" making me tired and foggy in the head.
I have had a "possessed woman" calling me up at 11.45 at night. (Yes - REALLY possessed! Like spirit possessed!!!!!!!!!)
I have been overlooked, yet again, for something that should have come my way - but did'nt.

I am a bit over it, actually.

It's days like these that show me just how fragile I still am after all that has happened in our family over the past few months. Emotions are still near the surface.
Life steam rolls on, regardless of what we want.

Am going to Sydney tomorrow with Aleks and Shann and we will be "Turning Japanese".
We are going to the Tezuka exhibition at the Art Gallery ( I might sneek off to see the Archibald's) then we are doing sushi, or something just as Japanesey, and then hitting the shops before heading home.
Should be fun.
If I fall asleep ......just prod me.

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Anchell said...

I wanna come see the archiesballs!!