Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fabulously Poor!

Yes ladies - we aren't poor.


Just think of all the stuff you DONT have to worry about:

You dont have to go shopping for new clothes - all the old ones that have been sitting the cupboard for years suddenly look really good.

You don't have to buy new shoes - thongs all of a sudden become extremely glamorous.

The supermarket is a quick trip in and out - you can't buy much with $20!

Aldi and the $2 shop are suddenly THE place to be seen - so chique! Doesn't EVERYONE shop at Aldi now?

Choosing DVD's can be done .just once a week - the discount day. Really, who goes to the movies anymore. So many noisy, grubby people to deal with.

The local fish and chip shop owner now knows your name - now that's service!

The local council pick up days become a day outing to furnish your home and garage.Just pack the kids in the car with a lunch box filled with vegemite sandwiches and off you go around the neighbourhood scouting out the bargains. What excitement! Who needs those dreary holidays overseas. EVERYONE goes to Bali and Fiji. Why bother when you can just head down the road and pick up a slightly used ab cruncher - just great for Christmas ideas for the whole family!

See - isn't it just fabulous?

Also, You don't ever have to chuck anything out ever again.

Why buy new stuff if the old piece of shit is still working?

So what that the fridge freezes everthing? You don't have to buy a freezer!

So what if the TV only gets one channel? The others are crap anyway.

So what if the car has rust holes the size of dinner plates on the bonnet? Nothing a large tin of putty and a can of spray paint can't fix!

Stop complaining and realise that really, you have nothing to worry about -

Cause you have nothing!


Fabulously poor....



Anchell said...

oh really??

Jacqui said...

Hmmm, The Secret wouldn't agree...