Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More Sad News.

We found out this morning that a friend of my husband's from work died last night from cancer. He was diagnosed with bowel cancer and had major surgery to save his life last year. He had spent weeks in hospital and it took ages for him to stabilize and get some quality of life back.
But he did it and was actually doing quite well, having a positive outlook on life and enjoying himself as much as he could.
I guess we did not know just how tough it could get for him. He always had a smile and did not complain.
My husband spoke to a member of the family today and was told that his friend had had enough - he deteriorated very quickly over the last week and then it was over.
Very sad. He was a good guy. A hard working guy. A family man.

Also, I mention the old fellow that was killed by some scumbag in Union street yesterday.
This old fellow ran a little shop just opposite the Newcastle Worker's club for over 50 years.
He was a Newcastle icon. He was 87 years old for god sake.
I actually walked into his shop a few weeks ago to buy a bottle of milk and he struck me as an amazingly lovely fellow. He had, what must have been the oldest cash register in Newcastle, still in operation on his front counter and very proud of it indeed.
I spoke to him about the register, telling him that I remember similar ones from my baby years.
I am saddened by his death - his shop was his life. His service to the people of Cook's Hill was well known.
Some moron needing quick cash for a fix ended his time on earth prematurely and it makes me angry that the perpretrator obviously had no concern for anything or anyone that got in his/her way.

To these two men I send my prayers - to their families and friends, who will miss them and cherish their memories I send my sympathy.


Lisa said...

yes, i am with you on that- through out my childhood my mother worked at the Workers Club and every day used to pop over to 'franks' for our grocery supplies. It is very sad to see his life end this way.

Anchell said...


Cyndy said...

It's so hard to work out why these things happen........

Bee said...

arseholes is why

Anchell said...

I went past that shop today and there are flowers all up the streetlight pole outside the shop...