Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Are you "THE ONE"?

So did we all watch "the One" tonight?
Well, dear old Mitchell Coombes made an appearance - didn't he do well!!!
Now there's one smart guy who has worked out how to market himself that's for sure.
Were you impressed by the psychics?
Some were certainly very accurate.

I am sure glad it wasn't me doing all of that - I would have died of embarrassment ( I would not have anything to wear!!!!!)
I would have been doing the "walk of shame" in no time!
It will be interesing to see how it continues...

unfortunately our friend Martin is losing his battle with cancer - he has a very limited time left and I continue to ask for prayers for his family to cope with this awful time.
May His Goddess and/or God take him into their arms with calm and dignity and cradle him in comfort.

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Helen said...

no misse dit but did hear about this morning on radio...yes Mitch very up....?!!!

Will send love and healing to family for sure..very sad time for them all...know their pain