Friday, July 04, 2008

Prayers needed please!

Hubby has a friend from work who has been suffering with cancer for a while now and things are just about the worst that they can now we need prayers and distance reiki.
His name is Martin.
He has two young kids and a wife.
He is now at home waiting for one more round of chemo, but cant have it cause he is malnourished and too weak to have it at the moment.
He is a really, really nice guy.

So we need to pray for him and please send reiki - spend a minute, even to think about him and it will help.

Makes all of us reconsider our priorities and stop sweating the small stuff...

Thank you.

by the way on a lighter note..
New program on Prime this Tuesday at 7.30 called "the One" Australia's gifted Psychics search for a lost child....should be mmmmmmm interesting.


Myst_72 said...

Sending healing thoughts to Martin..


Helen said...

sending healing as i type

Faerie said...

Sent as soon as I read the email xxxx