Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pope visits our Mary and the Health Nazi sends one of her henchmen!

Well Popi is visiting mary Mckillop's grave as I type...this is the third Popi to visit and she still is being ignored...
She needs another miracle,
she is short one..
tragic isn't it?
Surely one miracle is enough??
Not for Popi, obviously.
I hope our Mary ArtyFarty has a little word in his ear when she has her "private" meeting with him today.
In the mean time, here we were thinking that we would get a nice easy stroll today and who turned up?
Dragon Lady!!!!!
Obviously the health Nazi passed the torch to her late last night cause her arse was on fire too!!!
Dragon Lady left us for dead, wheezing and coughing metres behind as she tore up the track.
Totally shameful.


Helen said...

no not a torch the whip!!! would have used it to...just felt sorry for you both...poor old ladies...cant walk that fast hehehe

Anonymous said...

hey renata where do the health nazi's walk ya to near death....crystal_faery ..maureen

Anonymous said...

Down near you apparenty at Speer's Point to Warner's Bay - the track near the water's edge. You are welcome to come and drag yourself along wih us if you wish...we are not going now till next week.w.w.