Friday, July 18, 2008

Garage Sale proves Pope-ular!!!!

Today's garage sale went off with a bang!
I sold heaps and was well pleased.
So did the dragon lady, crystal faerie and the honey Bee as well as Hissy fit sister of the Sister Mother Mary.
To be sure we will be having another one soon.
It amazes me what people will buy - not that our stuff was shit, but I really think that the regulars go around looking for bargains and then these same items appear at other sales a few weeks down the track.
I heard stories, from others who had held garage sales, of people climbing fences at 5.30 in the morning to see what was on offer...
man, I would be hitting them with a broom and telling them to get a life.
It was certainly fun, accept that it is such a long morning from 7am...I thought that I had been there for hours and realised that it was only we sent the Dragon Lady for Gloria Jeans ( blessed be ) and that kept us going.

Now I head for an afternoon with my dear mother - that should top off my weekend and tomorrow I am sleeping in....shhhhhh...don't bother me.


Anonymous said...

hi the crystal_faery had fun would like to join the next round of fun ...this could become addictive if not careful ..hee hee .. see ya soon....maude

Cyndy said...

A sleep-in???? Is that the 3rd miracle?????

Bee said...

wakey wakey