Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Braces Day!

Poor baby girk gets her braces today.
It has been a long journey. I am hoping her teeth are in good condition.
She had to have them cleaned and checked and has had to brush and floss to keep gum disease at bay.
This is the start of a long association with Mr.F****g Expensive Dentist - but she will have a million dollar smile when it's all over.
The man is at home today - he has worked two full days.
It's his day off.
He is over it already.
I go see mother this afternoon.
All in all a very happy day!


Anchell said...

Yes, and baby girks get sick of braces mighty fast....

DO NOT let her eat redskins, oh no, a sure fire wire snapparoo and also all other lollies that require chewing. Dentists actually own the redskin lollie company and are making a mint out of it!

I know this for fact....

poor old man

poor you

poor me



Lisa said...

brace yourself !

no lollies or fizzy drink.
these first few brace days are a killer- plenty of wax, chewy and mersyndol required.

stay away from redskins as per ankles advice and basically give the girk anything she wants for a few days until it settles down- this is so worth it !

Anonymous said...

Can I have redskins and really piss her off?
Got the lowdown on Coke and lollies and all things sugar and spice.I will have to cook her baby food - or send her to school with Heinz...icecream for tea tonight..don't know what she will have ( he he )w.w.

Helen said...

yes please have lollies for her i'm sure she will love you for back time i'd say hehehe