Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pilgrims Pope-ulate Sydney!

Phew! Thank God that's over.
Now all those insanely happy Christians can go home and leave us to get on with our miserable lives.

I watched some of the Papal Mass at Randwick on tele today and was impressed with the whole set up. The beautiful Australian wildflowers on the stage where the Pope celebrated Mass and the southern cross on the priest's robes were great Aussie touches. The Pope's referral to the church as "she" seemed to mess with my brain - if the Church can be a "she" why can't there be more flesh and bone "she's" as "her" representatives? mmmmm?
When DID Jesus decide that all priests are to remain celibate their whole lives?
But, I digress,
we do live in the great southern land, and we can be proud of the fact, that, in most cases, we are one multicutural community that makes it work.

It's going to rain - my back feels like it has been sawn in two!


Cyndy said...

Did Jesus' disciples/apostles (not sure when one became the other) marry? Are the patriarchal RC priests so arrogant to think that they are really that up close and personal with JC? These burning questions and many more....... (cue suspenseful tv voice-over..)

Anchell said...

One became the other after JC karked it and they all got those funny ittle flames sprouting out of their heads..I know, popey told me!

The RC's seem to think that the pope is JC's rep here on earth....what a crock...and I dont see how JC became god all of a bloody sudden either...nothing makes sense I tell you.

Faith schmaith!!