Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's been vewy, vewy qwiet!!!!!!

Very quiet week this week.
The weekend sees me heading down to Sydney tomorrow to an Anime Convention at the University of NSW - I have not been around that area of Sydney before so the thought of catching buses and such is just a little daunting....also I have baby girk and friend tagging along. She and friend will have a ball, I will be bored out of my brain!!!

Sunday, there is a huge Prostate Cancer Seminar being held at the Town Hall here in Newcastle, and as we are part of the local Prostate Cancer Support Group, we are going along to hear some guest speakers and mingle with the rest.
Should be a good day and am looking forward to it.

A friend of ours had a baby girl last night, must ask Gayle whether she attended....but they called the bub Jadah DAPHNE!!!!!!, Daphne????
It is Grandma's name apparently...may the Goddess bless baby, who from now on, will always be known as Daph by me!


Lisa said...

or daffy even-
actually, its quite a lovely name.have been to and brimstone....blerg

Jen said...

is that the uni in Newtown - ooohhh wander up and down king street newtown - lots to see (and buy) there.

its vewy vewy quiet because we are in EXILE!!!!!

Just wait til next week baby, then hang on to your hat!!!


Cyndy said...

As you know by now, it's at Randwick, and the transport is pretty good really. Daph-by-me????? Love it! Actually, it is such a pretty name..I like Daphne better than Jadah...