Sunday, August 03, 2008

What a weekend!!!

It's been a very full weekend.
All has gone very well.
Baby girk LOVED her Anime Convention at the UNSW.
She took a friend with her and met a few there and they had a ball - I actually did not get lost and navigated the maze that is Sydney very well.
I was exhausted though.
Today we spent the whole day at a Prostate Cancer Seminar at the Town Hall.
There were some amazing people there with one very important gentleman named Dr Walsh from America, a leader in his field.This was his only speaking appearance in the whole of Australia for this year so we were greatly honoured.
Allan Pease was also there - the man who wrote so many books on body language.He did a small talk on his experiences with prostate cancer.
We learnt many new things today and the only unfortunate thing to happen was that a woman sitting next to me had a "turn" and an ambulance had to be called to take her to hospital.
There were 300 people there today and this woman happened to be sitting next to me - the man reckons I must have done something to her....


the biggest thing of all
is that we got a new member of the family today.
we got our pug today.
it was a spur of the moment thing
it just happened.
we called up yesterday and this puppy was the only one of two left out of the litter.
So went round to the breeder after the seminar,
took one look.....
and were sold.
We are calling him "Maximus" - cause he's not...
he is tiny..
actually teeny weeny
and is currently in a big box in the lounge room.
What have we done????


Faerie said...

It sounds like you had a powerful weekend!

Love new little w.w addition too xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! He's like one of those little stuffed toys on keyrings that you buy!!! Are you sure he's real?!

What a cutie!


Anonymous said...

Yes Rylah..he looks like a bookcase ornament.Sooooooooo cute indeed.w.w.
I will bring him in to the cottage to meet the crew.

Anonymous said...

YAY! Make sure to bring him to YAAD too! :)

Lisa said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wonderful !

Cyndy said...

He will be loving, affectionate, adorable, fun, loyal..... and needy. But that's how I like my dogs...

Maximus is just lovely. Enjoy him! xoxo

Anchell said...

Are you absolutely positive that is a dog???

How does Fred feel about it all...

Anonymous said...

Yes it a dog?
I am not sure yet...Fred is a bit jealous and cant work out whether he can eat him or not....he has had a sniff and is not terribly interested, but this morning he was busting to get inside the house to see if Maximus was still there.w.w.

Myst_72 said...

He's just adorable!