Sunday, August 17, 2008

What are you really doing with your life???

I watched a program on t.v. last night on Compass ( ABC )about a 75 year old Aussie man who goes around Bali and does free cataract surgeries in remote villages for those suffering blindness.
It told about his efforts to overcome the fears of the people and their superstitions about their Gods and that they are suffering because of karma from another life.
There was a story of a family of two sisters who had 22 children between them, all who developed cataracts and were blind.This Aussie man tried for years to get the father to allow the kids to have an operation, and finally, two were allowed to go. Ofcourse, it was successful which then made the other 20 children want one!
Also, there was another story of a two year old, blinded by cataracts, and her first moments of seeing her mother's face for the first time after the operation ( which lasts only 12 minutes ).

How joyous it was!!!

This particular fellow had been through a near death experience ( I guess Lisa would definately call him a walk in ) and after this man left hospital he moved to Bali to recover and now he is giving back to the country that gave such a new perspective on life.

It was also a story about the spiritual centre of the Balinese, how their whole world revolves around the graciousness of the Gods and what they give and what they take away.
They celebrate life and, equally, celebrate death.
We have a lot to learn from these gorgeous people and my heart longs to go back there.
It did make me think about what I am trying to achieve through my life -
that I have a real need to be a spiritual person - it makes me feel that I have a soul.That I would like to feel that I do something that makes a difference.
And that is not at Calendar Club, nor is it Wombat or Rockmans.

In Bali, the village medicine man or Baliyan is the most important person in the village. They go to him, or her, for all their problems, for healings and for advice as well as to reconnect to those who have passed on.
You can see the Baliyan become 'taken over' with the presence of the departed soul and you can see the people become possessed with spirits who are passing through and connect with them to cause havoc and illness. I really want to learn and know more. It is fascinating stuff.


Lisa said...

he is ofcourse the walkin of fred hollows......and yes, i agree, we all need a spiritual reason to live and it is not found on the mundane level

thanks for sharing this, it has touched my wooden heart......

Anonymous said...

An inspiring story for sure but..don't think you can't do good or be spiritual wherever you are whatever you're doing. Weather you are in a dress shop or supermarket you can touch people and help others by a word or an understanding.


Anonymous said...

yes you can Eva - Ghandi would definately have said so...

I hope you are feeling ok!!!!
Blessings to you...w.w.

Jewell said...
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Jewell said...

sorry deleted my other comment...way too many spelling mistakes!!! wont have made sense

what i wanted to say was:-
sometimes we need to look at how far we have come, rather than how far we have to go

Cyndy said...

I agree with everyone... except Lisa's comment about her wooden heart... since when???? bah... biggest soft touch on earth...

Blog Stalker said...

A great story. We definitely should all "Pay it forward"