Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I won a Ipod shuffle today!

Above are my two most recent works.
One is sort of out back themed with really rich colours that I have not attempted before and I am still working on it and the other is a pic of Newcastle Baths which is now completed.
I have been going mad entering lots of competitions lately and today I got an Ipod Shuffle in the mail.Apperently you can put msic on it and listen through headphones???
I have also won a dvd called "The Tudors". I think it's a bit of a yawn....but it's a prize and I need to be grateful...
Maximus is lying on my lap while I type away and Sandy, my friend, called him a "time waster" today - indeed she is totally right.
He is a complete time waster..
I will blog my new art works later when the man gets home and can do it for me..
Things are fast paced at the moment with the contract for Calendar Club arriving in the mail for me to sign off on - that means commiting to another season...ooohhhhh
I have a headache already.
And by the way, I start on October 13th, one day after my birthday, which means that I have to set up the kiosk ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! and it will interfere terribly with our Scone Monestry thingy.....I may only be able to be there on Friday and some of Saturday...see already it is shitting me off and there are still two months before I start..


Cyndy said...

There's a monastery at Scone????

Maximus is a luvverly time waster... It is good to have the time..... none left come October... he will still be a baby: you can't possibly work at CClub...

Anonymous said...

i know my heart is bleeding already...and by the way it's Stroud not scone....stupid me...w.w.

Lisa said...

shit !
but the ipod is good news and everyone has been telling me to watch the tudors so i may borrow it !
maxi-moose is a k9 hornbag in training

Jewell said...

love the painting of the baths....bloody shame about stroud

Faerie said...

Poop about the calender club set-up thingo when you're 'sposed to be celebrating!

Congratulations on winning the ipod ... I have loaded lots of guided meditations/visualisations on mine ... I love it!

I loved watching "The Tudors" (btw, I am a crazy Tudor England Freak of nature ... ) and I am hanging out for Season 2 - I have forgiven them for their artistic license with the facts ... which drove me insane at the time!

I love your artworks - especially the Newcastle Baths!


Lisa said...

the bathes is beautiful !!

Tesah said...

Very speccy paintings, and Jonathon says "that is one hell of a painting!"