Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's been three years...

It's been three years since dad died...20th August 2005.
Since then, so many things have happenend in my life that it seems as though dad has been gone for much, much longer.
I know so little about him that I often wonder how similar I may be to him or how different?
He was a man who shared little and certainly was not around much when I was little - he worked afternoon shift. I knew him as an angry, solitary man who ruled with an iron fist.
All I have now is some memories, and a box of documents that tell me something about his life.
When I see my mother, she does not mention him.
It's all about her.
And I guess that's where she's at - it needs to be all about her, that is her survival tactic.
And it has worked for her.
I have had a massive headache for days now and I woke with it still firmly lodged in my head this morning.
I am hoping it goes away soon.


Lisa said...

wow- three years already

Cyndy said...

it seems to be all or nothing when it comes to fathers.....
sorry about your bad head ;0(

Anonymous said...

If you're ready I know a good medium......

Blog Stalker said...

I am sorry you did not know your dad better. I hope you are able to be a strong person in spite of his absence and loss. Be strong but know you are allowed to feel however you feel. Dont think youneed to act any certain way. What works for your mom may not work for you and vice versa.

Keep you chin up

Anonymous said...

Thanks blog stalker...nice to meet you!w.w.