Sunday, August 10, 2008

We have had a great weekend with our newest member of the Daniel family.
We showed him off to several family members who had not seen him yet.
He, of course, won many hearts and is a real cutie!!He loves crawling up and sitting on our necks, snuggling in under our hair.

I have two sifts at "Wombat" this week.
Not much is it?
But I was listening to my cousin's boyfriend who told us that he is working in the kitchen of a local restaurant where they are paying him $13 an hour as a kitchen hand.
He has also been called in to do a one hour shift! That's rediculous!
That's working in todays environment thanks to work place aggreements and every one needing to take anything and everything that is available no matter what the conditions!


Lisa said...

at least i pay you $20 per hour and i still think that is no where near enough..........
and two shifts is better than none.......
i guess.....

Jen said...

hope you enjoy 'sifting' the wombat.

too much work cuts into your social life i have found