Monday, August 04, 2008

Life with Maximus!

How such a little bundle of fur and snoffles can bring so much joy into a household!
Maximus is being a darling as is just so adorable.
I took him into the Cottage twice for an introduction yesterday, so if you missed it, I am sorry. There will be plenty of more times ahead as he will become Cottage dog number two behind the mighty Trevor.
He is very very good at night wihout a peep coming from his box till morning - I remember our last pup howled for days til he settled, so I am very lucky indeed.

Other than that, many change have occurred, but things need to settle down a bit before I can say that any of it has been accepted.
I really have come to understand that I do not "do" change well at all and most new things in life are very threatening to me.
You would think I would have thought that shit out by now?
So I need to slide inot things slowly and then I can adjust.
YAAD two starts tonight - so another adjustment needs to be made to the weekly itinerary. It has been so many weeks - I will be happy to see my girls again.


Lisa said...

maxi-mouse is indeed a beautiful boy anda welcome addition to the familiars at our Cottage.

I am excited about the level two course and you will be too i hope.

i am also excited that you are blogging, which makes two of us......smooch xx

Jen said...

awww, maximus doggus is very cute and i wish i saw him.


Jewell said...

i love little maxi...his sooo ugly he's soo cute