Friday, August 08, 2008


Today is the day the Chinese have been waiting for...the start of the Olympics!
I hope it works out well for them as they are putting many people, services and businesses on the line for this event.
I wonder how we would react in Australia if the government told us that we could only drive our cars on certain days if we have even numbered number plates?
Or that we have to shut down our factory, as it is making too much pollution, until the Olympics are over?
But, today is a very lucky day and there are a bzillion Chinese getting married today as they believe that it wil bring them prosperity for the rest of their lives.
They even arrange to have their wedding photos taken a week before the actual wedding day so that they are perfect.
Mmmmmm...blows the idea of you future husband not seeing you in you wedding dress before you walk down the isle doesn't it!


Lisa said...

all the pictures i have seen make it look awful !
how do you be sporty in that ?

Anonymous said...

The opening ceremony was spectacular....Just amazing!!!!
I feel sorry for the people that live there..I am sure that they have hard lives..I wonder if they compalin as much as we do????w.w

Lisa said...

yes, they do- but in chinese, which sounds worse.........

Anchell said... china complaining a whining is called OPERA