Friday, August 29, 2008

Very Excited!

I have finished my latest art work today.
I only drew it up in class last Tuesday - so it has been a whirlwind process.
This is the first one that I have painted using my own images and the first one that I have done without any input from my teacher.I did it all at home.
Indeed, I am very excited.
I just hope that he finds it acceptable and does not pick up on any tragic errors that I have done.
I can only get better.
I am very pleased with my progress - I have been going to classes for about six months and this is my seventh painting.
I will put up a picure of it tomorrow when the man returns from Sydney with out digital camera.
Hope you like it too...


Lisa said...

the ANAL ARTIST strikes again !!!

Cyndy said...

I might have to move out of this group: there is too much creativity here.... I admire anyone with vision. And the ability to put themselves out there.

Looking forward to tomorrow!