Friday, July 11, 2008

The health Nazi pulls out the whip!

Last night the health nazi whipped us into a real lather of sweat ( accept that it was too cold to sweat ).
It was not a walk at all, it was a run accept that our feet remained on the ground.
I wore a hole in my pants from my thighs rubbing together at such a fast pace.
But I must say, I did weigh myself this morning and I have lost 2kgs so I am very impressed and will keep going with this torture for at least another week.
The car is out and I am manifesting a sale as soon as possible.

Saying of the week:"I have enough money to last me the rest of my life - unless I buy something!" - Jackie Mason


Helen said...

well soon you will be soo thin that you will need to buy new pants so not to worry about the hole in old ones....

Can i join the nazi health club?

Anonymous said...

Sure can Helen.Our next walk is at 8am on Monday morning,Meeting at the toilets on Warner's Bay esplanade opp all the shops.Its a cracking pace - too much fun (not)w.w.

Jen said...

i will try to make it. I think it sounds like something i should do.
Look for me with the 'not enough coffee scowl'.

I notice in the paper this morning that your friend Martin passed over. Love and light to his family from me.

Anonymous said...

tragic about Martin - one soul taken too young.w.w.

Anonymous said...

The health nazi has some new things to add this week so get those shoes on and lets make those bodies hurt.