Monday, April 30, 2007

Before I complain yet again.......

The man and I took a trip out to Belmont Hospital this afternoon to book him in for his hernia operation which he will be having in August.(His spots are slowly going by the way.)
On the way back we stopped at the Belmont North Butcher shop, on the main highway, owned by a guy called Dave. The man worked out at Belmont while working on the buses and always got our meat from this guy over the last few years.
This is the same guy that got shot on Boxing Day last year by his own staff member - a low life mug who came in to steal all the Christmas takings ( over $175,000 ). Unfortuantely Dave caught him in the act and was shot protecting his property.
Dave was shot through the left arm which has left it permanently damaged. He also got shot in the stomach area and has lost part of his liver, small intestine, large intestine, bowel and while in hospital he got staph in his spine.
Yet as I listened to his positive outlook on life, on what happened to him and his statement about feeling sorry for the slime bucket who did this to him , I felt ashamed at my own attitude towards life.
To add insult to injury, while Dave was in hospital he hired another butcher to look after his shop so that he would not go bankrupt. This new skumbag ripped him off for over $12,000 by pocketing money and taking stock during his few weeks at the shop.
My goodness, how horrible!
Yet, Dave thanks God that it did not happen to anyone else, that his family was safe, that he is now back at work ( three months before he was due to return ) and he says that he is continually bowled over by people's support and good wishes.
Dave is a great guy. He is Irish. He will have a chat with anyone. He always has fresh beautiful meat and often adds in a freebee for his customers.
Go and say hello and buy some's worth a drive!
Yes this is a plug - but this guy deserves it.
He is a real inspiration and he has certainly put things back into perspective for me and the man.
How do you get to have such an attitude?
God bless you Dave - may he take good care of you from now on.


Anchell said...

wow. Inspirational indeed.

Lisa said...

ah yes.........funny how a butcher can put life in perspective- we should get him to talk at the cottage, truly inspirational but then again, so are you and arek renata- you have handled a lot of crap in last couple of years and still come out willing to see the good in someone else- dont be too hard on yourself dear sister- you are one HELL of a woman yourself. A real Witch !

Anchell said...

Yes, dont let anyone, including you, tell you differently!

Cyndy said...

We all concur then.... ;0)