Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Why is this so bloody difficult?

The man and I went to our first Tai Chi class tonight.
Our tutor is a little old lady who is probably about 153 years old.
She has been teaching Tai Chi since before Noah built the ark and makes it look sooooo easy.
But it is soooooo not!
We learnt one movement last night.
One movement.
By the time we remembered to bend our knees, go slow, feel the energy, hold the "ball", turn our foot, shift our weight etc...etc....oh lordy!!
Tai Chi works a lot on circulating our chi and the more our tutor talked about the principals the more witchy it all sounded.
Movements where we sweep our hands close to the earth to stir the energy then gather it in to our heart....sounds strangely familiar.
I hope I can master this...or it could send me insane!
The man thinks it's great too!


Kristy-Lee said...

Sounds fantastic!

Anchell said...


Lisa said...

I HAVE to get in to this