Monday, May 14, 2007

Who says mother's rest on mother's day?

Was your mothers day as hectic as mine?

Sparrow fart saw me heading down to Adamstown Markets to book a site...and good thing I arrived when I did cause there was only one left.
Then I took mother down to Glendale and attempted to introduce her to a half decent cup of coffee at Brumbys.I was bitterly disappointed ( should have stuck with Macca's).The old dentures could not handle the egg and bacon foccacia so I dived on some sample danishes at the counter to save the morning from total devastation.

Then it was off to a friends place to pick up some things before said friend takes off for a two week cruise on the Whitsunday Islands ( bitch )...

Then older daughter needed a lift to her car which she left at Shortland as she was at her friends wedding on Saturday. On the way we stopped off at the cemetary to pay respects to my dad.
I got some cheeses at the supermarket on the way home to have with crackers, just to find that when we unwrapped them they were off!!!
So the man headed back to the supermarket to make a noise. He scored some exchanges and bought them home only to find that they were off too!C R A P!!!!

Then the man's niece turned up and spent a few hours at our place chatting.
So I offered some free reiki to both my daughter and the man's niece and they both said..."Heck yeah!"

Then I went out for tea with the Daniel be told later that I was only invited to provide a buffer against possible uncomfortable moments and occurring during the evening.(Ah family!)
Hell, I got a free meal. I was not going to complain!

Came home bloated, full and tired.

Yep, just another day...

I DID get a beautiful hand made box from baby girl, rocky road chocolate (eye's off, it's mine) from big girl and a bouquet of tulips from the man.


Lisa said...

sounds hectic- love you- but dont understand sparrow fart- I know I asked you once before, what is sparrow fart ?

Anonymous said...

Listen carefully.......sparrows are up and about before sunrise and the great aussie sense of humor says that the first thing a sparrow does when it wakes up is fart!therefore sparrow fart means before the break of day, an ungodly hour, at the crack of dawn etc, etc,!!!He he!