Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mind, Body, Spirit Festival and Deborah Gray!

Spent the day with some lovely ladies from the Cottage at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in Sydney. As usual, lots to see and buy.
I tried to be sensible about it, but the temptation was great!
I did purchase a small salt lamp, at a very reasonable sale price - and a scarf.
That was it.

But, we walked over to the stand promoting the new Spellcraft magazine and started talking to the ladies on the stand.
I was introduced to the editor of the magazine, and told her how we all thought that the mag was great and that we actually advertised in their Noticeboard section.

At that point she proceeded to introduce us to Deborah Gray, the author of many magical and witchy books, who was also at the stand doing book signings, and asked us whether we would mind being interviewed by her for her wiccan tv channel which would be seen world wide ( at some point in the future).
Of course I said, why not!
Deborah said that she had heard of Rose Cottage (see....We ARE famous) and asked us to speak about the Cottage and the work that we do there.
Yes, it would be seen internationally, as she proceeded to explain exactly where Newcastle was, and an open invitation to all and sundry went out suggesting that if they were ever visiting the area that they should drop by for a cuppa and chat!
Cool or what!!!!!
Whether this interview goes to air, or ends up being wiped...I don't now
But...we did it.
And it was damn fun!
We had a great lunch at Chinatown and brought many yummy cakes to take home with us and didn't get back home till 8pm - it would have been somewhat sooner, but we managed to get lost trying to leave the CBD ( as you do).


Lisa said...

wow....sounds full on. I must say i feel so honoured to have had 4 such beautiful sisters representing my Cottage to the World- I am actually a little emotional about it all- after three years i am starting to get just how important that place is to everyone who goes wide, excellent x

~*Rylah*~ said...

Very schmick!

Anchell said...

yes, much good.....I will come next time....x

Kathleen said...

Sooooooooooooo Cooooooooooooool!

I have very warm belly feelings about this!

Lisa said...

is that deb grey in that picture ?
Why is she strangling her pussy ?

Cyndy said...

That is soooo cooool!
Now we've all had a brush with fame, too!!!!

Anonymous said...

She's not strangling her pussy, she is just playing with it...oh, let's not go there!Renata.

Anchell said...

oh lets...I would love to strangle my pussy....she needs it for sure!

Cyndy said...

There is no way that anyone could possibly strangle a cat named "Lilith".....

Anchell said...

watch, don't.

Kristy-Lee said...

Good lord people!

Pussy strangling?

New low. Funny though.

Nice one on the interview. Very schmick!