Thursday, May 03, 2007


Last night at the Cottage was AMAZING! We, as a group, have truely come of age.
No more giggles, no more turning the wrong way, we even dress up and don't feel silly about it.
Ladies - you are all so inspiring. It is an honour and a pleasure to be in circle with you all.

I am SO OVER my dreams lately. I keep wandering around Wallsend, but how it must have been about 80 years ago. But then, there are some modern day buildings there, that just dont fit.
I am continually dreaming on winning money, but nothing is happening in reality.
I wake up and feel like I have completed a fifty mile hike.

The influence of the moon is still strong.


Lisa said...

samhain was friggin unreal and yes, we are all serious witches now- even Ankle in denial x

Anchell said...

I am in de nile stoopid. I never said I wasn't a witch! I was at some point in some life and a very good drowned one too! I am just not ONLY that, I am many and all........

How profound is that!