Saturday, May 26, 2007

To market we shall go!!!!!

Ah yes...
It is so peaceful at 6am in the morning!
Diana and I got to Wickham Park markets at 6.30am and the place was full!!!!
We ended up doing "sad eyes" at the organisers and they told us to move in next to them...bless their cotton socks!!!

The lady next to us was pissed off cause she had been there since 5am (hmmmmm) to secure her spot, and we just "strolled" in.
Deb turned up very soon afterwards and we all stood there freezing to death, grabbing any sun that we could.
Business was slow today...I think we will not be doing Wickham Park again very soon -there was a lot of shit there, thats for sure. Do people have no taste at all?

But, I guess what is one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Leanne came over at about 9am and we had a scream of a morning.
I think Leanne bought most of what we sold this morning - God bless her!
We called it quits at 12.30...
and went to Sunny's Cafe at Islington for a decent coffee.

All in all, a good morning had by all.
The day was certainly beautiful - we all managed to get wind burn and sun burn!


Cyndy said...

wind burn and sun burn;...Now that's value for money!!

Jewell said...

go leanne...crack of a sparrow's fart for sure

Anchell said...

Hmmmm....I KNEW there was a reason we stopped doing markets...yep, extreme lack of cash flow and freezing bits did it for us!

Kathleen said...

perhaps missing some Faerie Sparkle!