Monday, May 28, 2007

News Flash : Unknown "White" Wiggle spotted at Elermore Vale!

Yes folks.....yesterday a historic event occurred....
A white wiggle was created...
and who is this mysterious person, you may ask?
It is I....

I made a disturbing and tragic fashion decision by purchasing a white skivvy at Big W.

Why would a sane person do this you may ask?

Well, I have been having severe pains in my neck and shoulders every morning when I wake up and am putting it down to the fact that we sleep near an open window and I could be getting a chill during the night ( it doesnt help that I have a bulging disc ) I am trying to sleep in a skivvy, where my neck and shoulders are covered and seeing if it makes a difference.
Last night was the first night...and I cannot report any great improvements yet..but I will give it a go for a week or two.

Needless to say I was given a thrashing over this particlar item of clothing by both the man and baby girl.
I will never live it down.

Also the man and I are starting a 12 week weight loss challenge today!
The man is going back on the Tony Ferguson program and I am doing a bit of a combined diet/exercise thingy.
It is 10.30 am and I am already starving!!!!!I will have to have yet another coffee!!!
I will share this with you all at Shrinking (or Starving) Witches tomorrow.
Maybe you can all suffer along with me.
It is all too easy to hide in thick and big clothing during winter.
I love the girls below, but to tell you the truth, their thighs are looking better than mine at the moment so it is time to act.


Anchell said...

Some of them seem to have lost their bottoms? Hmmmmmm...think I will go walk now.
I have a purple skivvy! Don't tell anyone.....x

Lisa said...

I have white, purple, grey and black skivies- I even think I have a navy blue one- they are great for winter- soon i will even be thin enough to fit back into them!

Anchell said...

Okay okay!
I have a navy one too!

and maybe a red one somewhere.....

rainbowspirit said...

how is dorothy??

Cyndy said...

There's nothing wrong with skivvies.... how bad can it be when you're earning huge dollars for slipping one on?
You just need to get your audience demographic right, that's all.. ;0)

Kathleen said...

Hot Potatoes!

Anonymous said...

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