Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!'s THAT day again this Sunday. How many of us will actually score breakfast in bed?
I have already stuffed it up by inviting my mother to breakfast at Charlestown Square (yes..I hear you say...very chique!)But at 84, my mum does not have an exotic palate...anything other than a hash brown and a cup of tea from McDonalds can send her into a bit of a spin out.

I will be heading to the Dynasty Restaurant in the evening for a family tea kindly donated by a member of the family who IS working.Should be yummy!

The man had to do another PSA test this week, to check his levels with regard to detectable levels of cancer.
This will happen every three months till the end of the year.

Please rememberthat we will be hosting a Biggest Morning Tea event on Thursday 24th May at the Cottage commencing at 10.30.We are going to do mini psychic readings, angel card readings, reiki healing and chakra balancing. Also we will have handicrafts for sale and second hand books.
Come a buy coffee/tea and cake and donate to cancer research.
Tell a friend..and better still, bring them along!


Cyndy said...

Have a lovely Mother's Day, Renata, and your Mum, too :0)

Lisa said...

I couldnt imagin anything worse than eating in bed.....yuck.....and go for you Super Elf, for taking your Mum out to brekkie !

Cyndy said...

Actually, Renata, you should be saying that your 82yrold Mum's tastes EXTEND to a hash brown and a cup of tea.... I couldn't see my 70yr old Mum even eating one. That's fairly exotic fare for their generation... lashing out would be toast with vegemite AND cheese, or cocopops instead of weetbix... You are an excellent daughter.

Great news about the PSA!
It's all good mate!

Bee said...

happy for areck,and happy for you,love you renata xxxx

Anchell said...

Yes, excellent news indeed. As for mothers, its safer to stay away....

~*Rylah*~ said...

So, how did the hash brown and cup of tea go?