Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

My baby turns 13 tomorrow!
Officially a teenager.
We went to the hair dresser tonight for a fancy shmancy grown up hair do - so she got some streaks and a fringe!
Tomorrow we will go out for tea and on Monday she goes to see Pink in concert.

What did I get when I turned 13?...mmmmmmm.
I can't remember.

I cleaned out my undie draw today....Yes...gross. I had undies hiden in there from the 1980's I think.Ewwwwwww!!!
I found a thong ( not the one you wear on your feet ).Whatever possessed me to buy it back then, I dont know. Someone told me that they were comfortable.Maybe for someone with no arse, or a frame that is only carrying about 50kg, but not for ole' cottage cheese arse me!
So most of my undies went in the bin...I even outgrossed myself.
Once the elastic's time.
Once they are no longer's time.
Once they have been sitting in your drawer for over a year and you have not worn's time.
What if I had an accident and had to go to hospital in those pitiful underpants?
I would not allow them to touch me...I would have to die, I guess.
I think there is a lesson in this.


Kathleen said...

When cockroaches make a home in your undie drawer it's time!

Bee said...

i have been looking for my pink undies eveywhere,,,,,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alex sweetie xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

love the pink grundies hey renata whats up with your side bar cant get into witchybits its not staying on the screen ...maureen

Anchell said...

Im too scared to clean out my undies drawer.....

~*Rylah*~ said...

Undies? What are they?

Sorry, that's probably too much info.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Maureen...I don't know what the problem may be your computer as it seems to be working on my end. Is anyone esle having the same problem?

Bee said...

must be you morreen i got in ok