Thursday, April 05, 2007

Good Friday Ramblings

Today can be thought of as the day of ultimate guilt for all catholics the world over - cause we are to blame for one man's sacrifice over 2000 years ago.
I FEEL Guilty!
I come from an era where we were continually told to be on bended knee to pray for forgiveness for our sins and that Jesus died for us, for me....cause I was a bad, bad thing...and confession was the only cure.
Do you remember confession?
I stopped that horrible activity as soon as I got out of catholic school.
The last time I had to submit to it was just before I married my first husband - it was part of what had to happen before I was allowed to get married in a catholic church.It was humiliating.
And to add insult to injury I chose to spend some time with my mother today - she has the amazing ability of sending me on a guilt trip at any given moment in time by just uttering a few well placed words. She chose to do so today.
All this while I was viewing a story on t.v. about the 'weeping madonnas". Did you not see it?
Oh, sorry, maybe you have a life!
All was going well, madonnas from all over the world were crying tears of rose oil and blood and it was pretty impressive until one priest, actually from Australia, had to pipe up and say that there is only one messiah, and that is JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, that then sizzled my brain.
I thought.
Does that mean that all those people who go to the grottos and churches to ask for a miracle from Mary have to be catholic? Cause obviously only catholics get the key to the pearly gates.Do people from other beliefs even go? I mean, I know when I am desperate I will try anything right?
So, if I was of another belief would I have to sneek in under cover,maybe in false moustache and dark glasses so the others would not recognize me as being non catholic, would I even get a look in from Mary at all, would she say, "Back off you non catholic person you...I am not going to even begin to listen to your prayers".
Why did that have to put in that bigoted statement at all.
It was all so wonderful up to that point.
Things like miracles are so pure, then some ugly people have to get their hands on them shred them to pieces.
Happy Good Friday and......... don't feel guilty.


Lisa said...

yes, well said. like you I have grown up with a very catholic based idea of Easter and all the associated guilt that comes with it- even worse, I was BORN on Good Friday and so had to live with the expections of 'blessed are those who come forth on Good Friday' my whole life. Even now, as firmly entrenched in my paganism as I am, I still could not eat meat on GF- I know its weird, but its there, ingrained in my cells.
Well writtten my love, Blessed Stolen Pagan Festival x

Anchell said...

I had a quarter pounder for dinner!
I don't feel guilty at all.....sick yes, but not guilty.....seen the price of fish!!!!
Catholic daughters are okay but mothers are a whole other story...mine isn't even religious but obviously managed to absorb the neccessary guilt factor during childhood.....!!

Cyndy said...

At least you're not Jewish; then you'd have to be guilty for everything. But wait... imagine the guilt trip you can place on your children; Jewish mothers are the best! ;0)