Thursday, April 26, 2007

Before you say that you had a bad day........

Today the man and I spent a few hours at Lake Macquarie Private Hospital.
Darling had to get a lesson about self insertion of a catheter.OUCH!!!! He is trying to avoid yet another surgery to remove more scar tissue, by re inserting the catheter every day for about three weeks so that the urinary flow does not block at the neck as it has previously done.
This may work.
It may not.
We shall see.
The man had to first watch a video of the whole process, unfortunately being done by an 85 year old man.That turned the man off the treatment straight away.
But, unpreturbed, he was then given the "equipment" and shown the toilet and told to try it for himself.
"Call if you get stuck" said the nurse.
I then went to get some remedial massage on my very stiff and sore neck and shoulders and spent the next half hour in pain with tears streaming down my face as the masseuse gently massaged two little spots on both sides of my neck.
Ah winter...when I always wake up feeling like I have had a truck parked on my upper body.
Indispersed in all of this I was having to do my mothers shopping and buy her medications, deliver her groceries and also go for a walk as those bloody scales are STILL telling me that I weigh more today than I did yesterday.
Enough for one day!


Anchell said...

on a day like that the scales are irrelevent mary elf, totally irrelevent.

Kathleen said...

Yes, throw those scales away!

Sending love and light to you and yours.

Kathleen xOx

Cyndy said...

What to those #@*##*ing scales know anyway??? Not today, Renata, not today.

Lisa said...

scales suck-
hope you are all doing better today x

Bee said...

scales hum bug,,,,

Jacqui said...

Scales are for fish!